Amaranth Seeds

Amaranth Seeds Exporters Company India

Description: Amaranth seeds are a sort of genius which is available in assorted colors and uses. This has rapidly become popular in the market. The amaranth seeds in India are tiny in size and have continued to be an important food source for ages. The seeds have been included as a highly nutritious form which is gluten free. The seeds possess an emulsifying property which absorbs the water very easily. They are mostly referred under the category of Amaranthus species.

• Seeds are an excellent source of protein, vitamins, fiber, carbohydrates and essential amino acid lysine
• The high energy seeds are low in fat, deliciously rich and have a nutty flavor With health consciousness being the general trend in the current generation, the seeds have regained its popularity and are being made available across the world by the amaranth seeds exporters.
Uses: Amaranth seeds are considered as a great source of nutrition and are available in organic forms which add the extra advantage for the people. The seeds are ranked superior as compared to other cereal grains. The flour extracted out of the seeds makes them an excellent alternative for those who are allergic to wheat. Being versatile in nature the seeds are exploited in many herbal and in different alternative remedies which include:

• Excellent for weight loss
• Good remedy for hair fall problems
• Highly beneficial for diabetic patients
• Helps to fight digestive problems
Packing: Our range of amaranth seeds in India is offered in assorted types of customized packaging which involves bulky packing of 25Kgs and 50Kgs. These are available in Jute, paper and HDPE bags. We as amaranth seeds exporters ensure the best condition seeds being delivered to the clients and packaging are done accordingly which can cope up with the varying environments.