Bishope Seeds

Bishope seeds

Description: Bishope seeds are commonly known as carom seeds. Different areas know this seed in different names but the important thing is that they serve as an integral part of cooking. The seeds are small and in the form of oval shaped which tastes hot and bitter. This seed comprises of several minerals, proteins, fiber, carbohydrates, calcium, carotene, phosphorous and niacin.Uses:There is a huge demand for this product in the global market where they are utilized for making medicines and spices. The seeds are used in cooking which adds a strong flavor and offers a delectable taste to parathas, matharis and other such snacks. This at times is used as making remedies. It serves as a powerful antiseptic and germicide. This type of seeds is never used as raw instead they are fried or dry roasted in oil or ghee.Packing: As leaders in this domain we assure superior packaging which will maintain the nutritious value of the seeds in any environmental conditions. Our packaging team ensures the hygienic and highest quality packing paper, HDPE or jute bags which are made with proper techniques. Bulk packing is done in 25Kgs and 50Kgs at competitive market prices. Our brand of bishope seeds has become a well known product in the market which are distinguished for its quality.