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Description: Cumin seeds are oblong in dimension and are longitudinally rigid. The seeds posses a combination of yellow- brown color which has a nutty peppery flavor to add. The role of these seeds is highlighted due to the fact that this forms an essential component of curry powder. Scientifically this is known as Cuminum cyminum. The seeds belong to the parsley family and mostly resemble the caraway seeds. The seeds are acquired from plants which grow to 30-50 cm tall and the harvesting is done by hands. The seeds are available in separate or paired carpels and are 3-6 mm in length.

• The cumin seeds in India are well known as Jeera
• The seeds of cumin are a good source of manganese, iron, phosphorous, potassium, vitamins and other minerals.
• Flavor wise they are powerful, sharp, pungent and slightly bitter
• Offers spicy sweet aromaUses: The complexity in the flavor of cumin seeds makes it unique and an integral part of the spice market. This product is in high demand and with the help of the cumin seeds exporters are delivered to different corners of the world. This serves to be a major component of curry and chili powder. Traditionally cumin seeds in India are utilized in various ways

• Minimizes inflammation
• Increases urination
• Suppress muscle spasms
• Helps in fighting jaundice, diarrhea, flatulence and indigestion
• Strengthens bone
• Lowers blood sugar
• Stimulates the appetite
• Increases lactation
Packing:The cumin seeds offered by us are packaged in Jute, HDPE and paper bags to maintain the hygienic condition and are delivered in the best suitable condition. As cumin seeds exporters we provide the products in bulk packing arrangements of 25Kgs and 50Kgs.

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