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Description: Mustard seeds are in the form of tiny round seeds which measures about 2 mm in diameter. These seeds create wonders and are one of those condiments which have a great potential in the spice market. Mustards are crops which are grown during the winter season and are a rich source of protein, selenium and oil. Mustard seeds in India have been an important product since ages. As mustard seeds exporters we come up with the best processing ways to deliver these seeds in the international arena. There are three varieties of mustards which are in the form of:

• White mustard seeds: The seeds are light yellow in color and possesses a mild pungent odor
• Brown mustard seeds: These are brown in color and are preferred for their heat.
• Black mustard seeds: The seeds of the mustard are black in color and are in high demand in Middle East Asia.
Uses: The significance of mustard seeds can be experienced in a number of ways. This is a product which can be used in many ways and is basically categorized as spice, condiment, food and medicine. The oil extracted from the seeds of mustard serves in many ways as they generate warmth. Mustard seeds in India and world wide have surfaced as an excellent product in the food ranking system. Mustard oil is of great use in making food and also helps in the relief of painful joints and muscles. The unique healing characteristics of these seeds have made them a popular item. The health benefits include

• Protection against gastrointestinal cancer
• High anti-inflammatory effects
• Provides relief from migraine attacks
• Excellent form of digestion as their use increases the rate of metabolism in the body
Packing Due to their importance in the global market, we as mustard seeds exporters make an extra effort to deliver the seeds in excellent packing conditions. Jute, paper and HDPE bags are being used in the packaging. Normally 25Kgs and 50Kgs packing are arranged for bulky orders. Depending on the various requirements we provide customized packaging for our clients so as to ensure that our mustard seeds are delivered in the best condition.

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