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Description:Sesame seeds in India are a popular product and considered as one of the oldest plants cultivated which is widely used in various beneficial ways. Such oilseeds are favored due to its immense nutritional value and are in high demand in the international market. These serve to be the source of organic minerals, calcium, copper, magnesium, zinc, vitamin B1 and dietary fiber. We as leading exporters of sesame seeds have come up with attractive ways to make them available in the most hygienic and well maintained packaging. The product being widely grown in India and having a huge production capability makes us as the sesame seeds exporters to cash in more business which adds to the economy of the country.


• White in color
• Distinct nutty flavor
• Typical odor
• Delicate oil seeds
Uses:Being extremely rich in proteins and other minerals, the Sesame seeds in India are used as potent medicinal foods. The seeds add an extra bit of texture to baked products. Such multitasking seeds offer health benefits in different forms like:

• Lowers Cholesterol
• Supports general health and bone
• Fights against rheumatoid arthritis
• Improves heart functionality
• Defends against cancer
Packing:As exporters of sesame seeds our focus remains on flawless packaging. The bulk packing is normally carried out in 25Kgs or 50Kgs. The quality of our seeds has made us recognized sesame seeds exporters in this business.

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