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Watermelon seeds

Description: We specialize in providing fine quality watermelon seeds. Our esteemed clients can attain from us a wide scale of these seeds that are carefully processed using latest machinery and modern cultivation methods ensuring that its nutritional content remains intact. The watermelon seeds are carefully removed from the juicy fruit and dried in an open and hygienic area under the sunlight. Prior to being processed, the seed is crushed and passed to the labour for organizing the fine product. To attain its original whiteness and crispness, it is once again desiccated. With the advent of technology, this process is presently being carried out by SORTEX Machines. Uses: People generally have a tendency of spitting the seeds while eating a watermelon. But the seeds should not be thrown as these are packed with iron, vitamins, potassium, proteins, fats and calories all of which are vital for everyday nutrition. To attain its nutritional value to the fullest, one should chew the seeds before swallowing. In fact watermelon seeds that are sun dried are more popular. Not only does it taste good but it is also very healthy.

Watermelon seeds are used for several purposes such as:

• Spice
• Dry Fruit in sweets
• Preparation of high protein biscuits
• Preparation of gravy
• Body lotion oil
Packing:Being reckoned as a quality-driven company, we uphold quality standards during the entire production process. We ensure that these seeds are provided in finest grade hygienic consumer packaging especially HDPE, Jute and Paper Bag packing to keep its quality intact. These are safely packed by our team of adroit professionals leaving no room for contamination and thereby keeping it safe at the time of transit. We also offer watermelon seeds in bulk packaging of 25kgs and 50kgs.

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